Hi Horse Lovers!

Photography has always been a passion of mine since the 70's..in the dark room developing my own b+w's. with my dad after a day of New York City street shooting.   I followed that passion from the 70's all the way up to digital photography. 

I believe in creating photographs for horse lovers who are looking for more than just pretty pictures; they want images with depth, and meaning. I believe in the power of photography to tell a story. Whether that is the story of a brand or product, an editorial story or article, or a personal story between an individual and their horse, quality, heartfelt photographs can move our hearts or compel us to action. This is a business for me, but my passion for the craft of photography and for photographing horses means I will never be neutral about the work I do. What that means for my clients is they always get my best work, done with the greatest of care. I believe in providing professional, yet personalized service to all my clients which means I am committed to honesty, efficient communication, being on time, delivering what I promised (or more!), being flexible, and doing all things in a spirit of cooperation, generosity, and kindness.

From the love of my own horses to now photographing owners and their horses. 

From my Cannon FTB film camera, to my now Nikon D750, and D7100. The nice thing about new clients is that they become my new friends. If it's your pet or your horse at a farm, I am here to document your relationship and life together.  Please email me at DEBRA@HORSETOGRAPHY.COM for more information. Portraits (both people and pets) will be taken in Natural Light.   All your photos are uploaded to this site and you can order prints and merchandise including books directly from this site produced by professional Photo Labs.   My cell: 857-523-0099

PRINTS AND DIGITAL FILES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SESSION Prints and boutique products can be purchased separately A la Carte or through collections. Minimum order of $200 is required if collection is not purchased. Typically clients invest between $500 -$1200 on their portrait sessions. All orders are subject to MA sales tax of 6.25%

Debra Benanti

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